About Me

Jennifer, better known as JP, graduated from The Brenneke School of Massage in 2005. Upon graduating and weighing her options, she decided to stay on with Brenneke as a teacher's assistant, where she stayed for the next two years, strengthening her knowledge of massage and sharing her passion for the field with her students.

In 2008 after the school was renamed Cortiva, she took over as the educational clinic manager, teaching massage while improving the business and honing the clinic curriculum.  Over the next seven years at Cortiva, the clinic saw thousands of clients through its doors.  During that time Jennifer had the opportunity to see those clients through her student's eyes, while also imparting her knowledge and perspective to her students.  Together, this breadth of experience has given Jennifer a unique perspective on many injures that she may not have otherwise seen. Since leaving Cortiva, Jennifer has taken several massage therapist positions in local West Seattle clinics, quickly being promoted to manager. However those management roles never felt right to her, and after the birth of her son she finally gave up management to focus again on massage.

Jennifer loves challenges and is willing to tackle your pain whether it’s a new injury or lingering pain that just will not go away. She incorporates gentle, jostling and firm strokes throughout the body which allows her to get into deeper structures that normally cannot be reached. She believes in full body health, so her sessions are often a full body intention finished with a touch of energy work.